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It’s More Fun Together – Ben’s Blog – Normalisation

Normalisation – It’s More Fun Together

I went to the Beat It nightclub night on 6th March.


As a social work student I spend a lot of time in University learning about Inclusion, Normalisation and other buzzwords. I recently spent an hour supposedly learning about these things in Uni, the lesson was filled with jargon. At the end of the session I was still left with the impression of there being “service users” and professionals who were trying different ideas to help them which seems dis-empowering.

All Inclusion actually means is that people who currently get known as disabled should look for the biggest audience possible to show off themselves and their talents so everyone can see we’re all just people – who like a laugh, who contribute, who don’t need help and just want to get on with it.

Accessible Nightclub

All normalisation means is most people want the freedom to get on with their life, contribute, hang out with friends, to be normal not wrapped in barriers and definitions as many people “disabled” are.
Beat It Night club is a brilliant example of normalisation and inclusion, better than anything I have seen or even read about. It’s a club night where people who know about labels like disabled bump into people who have ended up with them in a natural “normal” setting. Mixing, having fun, getting on, having a laugh people soon forget descriptions like “Service User” and “Disabled” in favour of “the bloke winning a dance off ” “after you (at the bar) mate”.

Every Beat It night I have been to has been packed, every night has been lively and everyone I have spoken to has had a great night. When you go to the night – everyone drinking, chatting and dancing together you realise that actually doing inclusion, normalisation isn’t difficult – it’s just having fun together! Everyone is normal when not wrapped in categories and everyone who wants it is included in the party, in soceity – because together is better!
Beat It is an ace party, it’s held at Varisty Leeds on the first Thursday of every month and starts at 7..

…Come and be yourself!

Accessible Nightclub

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