Beat It Nightclub: A Natural Environment – Ash Taylor’s Blog

June 6, 2014 - in Uncategorized

Beat It Nightclub: A Natural Environment – Ash Taylor’s Blog

Beat It Nightclub: A Natural Environment

Hi my name is Ashley Taylor; I live alone with a team of 5 members of staff who work over a 24 hour basis in various shift A Natural Environmentpatterns. I run a social event once a month which is held at various locations within Calderdale. I also facilitate a group of disabled adults who are trying to raise awareness of independent living and trying to improve the lives of people who already do so. The group is called TAG (Taking Action Group) and is based in Halifax; we try to inspire people both young and old to look into their future.

I attend the nightclub regularly and think that the beat it Nightclub is a natural environment to be in as a social event. I feel that when I am there you are treat as an equal and not judged on whether you have a disability or not. It feels natural to me as there is no segregation between people. Because I am from a natural environment I don’t see myself as being in a disabled environment in my day to day life and being segregated can at times make me feel uncomfortable.

It’s good being in a non disabled environment as it’s not patronising unlike some other nightclub events where one section is for students and another section was for disabled people. I have also been to other social events that were specific to disabled people which I found to be patronising. One of which was set up in a room away from the rest of the building which was there purely as a disco for people with disabilities. I didn’t like this set up as it feels like you’re being segregated from other people who don’t have disabilities as that would be within my natural environment.

In no way do I want to offend anyone who may of attended this event or even helped set it up or promote it, I just feel that the more events that are set up specifically for disabled people encourage people to remain within their comfort zone other than integrating with other people in the wider community. It is also in keeping with the medical model of disabled people and not only prevents disabled people interacting with non disabled people it prevents non disabled people interacting with disabled people and keeps people in isolation from the wider community. It can also knock the confidence of the disabled people as they could feel inferior within a social environment if it was not segregated. These are the reasons why I believe beat it works so well and why I attend and will continue to attend. I will also do my best to improve awareness of this event as I believe events like this are very important for raising disability awareness. I run a social event once a month which is held at various locations within Calderdale and it is never segregated from other people using the facilities.

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