Beat It – Fab, Fab, Fab!

June 1, 2015 - in Uncategorized

Beat It – Fab, Fab, Fab!

Beat it is a fantastic opportunity for adults with learning disabilities to share their love of music and performing with other people. Each session is unique and different to the next; no one session is ever the same. This I felt, encapsulated the person centred approach in which each person is encouraged to choose how each session is delivered.

Beat it empowers adults with disabilities to develop their self-esteem and confidence through the music and performing arts sessions. The laid back atmosphere encourages people to feel comfortable in expressing themselves and creates a journey of opportunities for the individual to discover within the community.

The confidence I have seen grow amongst individuals who partake in the group is phenomenal. Each session leaves me smiling, laughing and eager to attend the following week. I am not a musical person, however, my anxieties were put to rest as each person welcomed me as part of the group. I can honestly say this experience has not only allowed me to see how positive differences can be made through music and performing, but it has also enabled me to discover myself on both a professional and personal level.



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