Beat It Night Booking

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Book your Beat It Night tickets online OR pay when you get there!

The Beat It Night Tickets cost:

On the night – £6.00
Pre-booking – £5.00
Staff and Support – £2.50

How to pre-book your Beat It Night tickets

  1. Fill in your contact details. Name, Email Address
  2. Fill in which Venue you will be attending and how many tickets you want to pre-order including staff and support
  3. Click send

We will then send you a confirmation email stating the price. Payment will be required on the night.

If you would find it easier please call us on 01422 363817 to book your ticket.

What you get with your ticket:

With your ticket you will receive a complimentary drink on arrival, a snack style buffet and live performances from dance troops, solo artists or bands. Each month has a different theme and fancy dress is optional

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