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Why not pre-book your Beat It Night tickets online?

If you pre-book your tickets for the Beat It Night online or over the phone you will receive a discount to your entry fee.

The Beat It Night Tickets cost:

On The Door:

£6.00 Per Person (Buffet Included)

£5.50 Per Person (Buffet Not Included)


£5.00 Per Person (Buffet Included)

£4.50 Per Person (Buffet Not Included)

Staff and Support:

£2.50 each.

If you require 2 to 1 Support you will only be charged for one support member.

What you get with your ticket:

This is dependent on which ticket you pre-order or buy on the door.

You may have booked to have the snack style buffet included in your ticket price or you may have decided to not have this included.

This choice is up to you and can be changed on the night if needs be. Please just inform the person at the ticket desk when paying for your ticket.

Also with your ticket you are contributing to the live performances from dance troops, solo artists and bands that we have every month.

We have set seasonal themes throughout the year where fancy dress is optional.  Information about the themes can be found on the flyers for the night and on the Facebook page.

How to pre-book your Beat It Night tickets

  1. Fill in the form below with you name and email address
  2. Fill in how many tickets you want to pre-order including staff and support
  3. Click send

We will then send you a confirmation email stating the price. Payment will be required on the night at the ticket desk.

If you would find it easier please call us on 01422 363817 to book your ticket.

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