About Us

About Us

History of Beat It

The Beat It project started in 2010 following the success of The Outsiders, a band that was established through the help of Connect in the North, Old Chapel Studios and Imagineer.

The band first formed in 2009 and have since then gone on to record albums, develop merchandise, launch a website, write original material and tour the UK making connections with artists throughout the country.

In the early days of The Outsiders success, after they had performed to a packed audience at the Seven Arts centre in Chapel Allerton Leeds and the Carriageworks in Leeds in 2009, we started to receive a number of enquiries from people wishing to be involved in a similar project, we wanted to be able to respond to this and this is where Beat It was first born.

When we first set up the rehearsals for The Outsiders we engaged with professional musicians, with experience in playing, writing, recording and performing. In supporting the band members in developing their skills and abilities as performing artists we have kept this ethos in all the work we have delivered through Beat It.

During the running of the Beat It sessions we started to hear about peoples frustrations in not being able to have a good night out in town.  People were clearly stating that they didn’t want a night that was just for people with disabilities but ‘a night out like everyone else’.  We held planning sessions with the Beat It attendees and the Beat It Night were born, a night where people can get together in an every day social space amongst other people and have a proper night out.

We have also had people attend the Beat It sessions for just one session. although the session workers knew that they had gained a great deal from the session. We did not understand why they had not come back so we got in touch find out and we learnt that for some people they could not access the sessions due to lack of support or transport to get there.  This is where Beat it on the Road was started and where session workers started to take the Beat It sessions out to people in their own homes.

We continue to inspire people through the Beat It sessions we run and like wise they inspire us to continue with what we are doing and going into the future we aim to deliver more sessions to more people.

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