Beat It

Music for Everyone

An innovative project delivering music opportunities that increase the confidence and potential of those involved.

Beat It is delivered by Imagineer, a social enterprise which believes in supporting people to reach their full potential.

We promote a positive environment and experiences that focus on what people can do.

Through Beat It you can;

  • Have a go at playing a whole range of instruments
  • Creating music and sound through a range of accessible instruments
  • Playing and performing alongside other people
  • Becoming expressive through music and voice

What is great about Beat It?

  • Increases confidence
  • Connects people who have similar interests
  • Encourages people to develop their skills and interests
  • Develops a persons ability to express through music and creativity
  • Brings fun and laughter into peoples lives
  • Increase your fitness (you can burn a lot of calories dancing around!)

One to One Sessions:

We also provide one to one learning time where we can design and structure each session to fit with an individuals aspirations. This can broaden what we are able to deliver with an individual through music or can extend down other avenues for example arts and crafts, cooking or travel training.

What do attendees have to say –

‘Beat It is absolutely, super cool, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, awesome!’

‘I loved jamming at the session and was really pleased that we recorded it’

‘I enjoyed singing my favourite songs when I come to the session!’

‘When I started at Beat It I could play the drums a little bit, I was keen to learn more, at the sessions I have had some 1:1 sessions and I have learnt lots more and become a much better drummer.  My time keeping is much better and I have can play lots of new drum patterns that I couldn’t play before.  I am over the moon because I am now in a band and we have played a few gigs together – my dream has come true’

Here is a short video story from a Beat It attendee;

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